New Door – SOLIDOR

When we originally decided to purchase a bungalow I was set on having anthracite grey windows & front door. We had this colour at our previous property. I just loved the modern appearance,  the easy maintenance and above all how stylish the grey looked against white render. However, when we offered on onew front doorur new property I decided that actually the grey wasn’t going to suit the style of property, it was built in the 1930s. I was always a lover of the greeny/grey windows that have recently become popular because they are extremely versatile. So my search for the perfect colour and my dream style of door commenced. The problem I faced when searching online was that many websites didn’t allow you to visualize the door/windows you were interested in. In addition, I found it extremely difficult to find their catalogue which in most cases you had to request by email.  However, Solidor offers a ‘design your door’ solution enabling you, at a click of a button and in the comfort of your own home, to select your dream door step by step.  They have a wide variety of colours available plus they also have a standard range and luxury range too which caters for individual needs and budgets. In addition, they also have a wide variety of door styles too. They make it easy by putting their wide selection of doors into categories such as traditional and contemporary which saves you valuable time.  I rather enjoyed this process and above all they had the exact style of door and colour that I was looking for, I am so excited. I shall be using a local Solidor approved fitter to install my dream door in the coming weeks/months so keep posted to see the end result….. watch this space!


If you would like to design your dream front door click on the following link:


The Garden


The garden like always has been left till last. We did however, in April 2017 lay decking so that we at the very least had somewhere to chill during the summer months and had somewhere for Ava to play.

The garden is 100ft long by 50ft wide so its a big project. The majority of the garden is lawn with established shrubs to the right and the dreaded conifers to the left. With the house currently on the market we decided not to touch the bottom part of the garden but to focus on the existing decking area that we created last year which would be our entertaining space.

I absolutely love grey – it is bang on trend, fresh, contemporary and easy to work with. we have graphite grey French doors and so it was easy for us to continue with the use of grey when designing.

When we laid the decking I spent ages trying to figure out what colour to stain it. I didn’t want to go too dark because the area is relatively large but I was concerned about the wear of a lighter shade. Ideally I would have preferred composite decking but it would have cost an absolute fortune given the size. I decided to stain the decking dove grey using  HQC Garden Paint. I have to say the lighter colour on the decking doesn’t wear very well and if you have a small enough area I would recommend the composite decking. It might be expensive to begin but you will save each year on the cost of the stain and also you will save time.

I then stain the existing fence using cuprinol in urban slate to tie in since they were an orange colour. I used just under 5L to do 6 panels and to be honest I only gave them the one coat when they recommend two. I am happy with the coverage.

The garden furniture we had was fine but I wanted to go for the white rattan since purchasing the Acapulco chairs from Oli & Grace. I have these chairs in black and white. The white chair originally started in the house but then ended up the in the garden. I just loved the white against the grey. In addition, I really do feel that white rattan will be the trend for 2018. As a result, I spent a few hours searching the internet to find not only the best price but the best quality too. I find sometimes the quality of the cushions not to be great when you purchase the cheaper alternative. I managed to find exactly what I wanted from billyoh. I have only received the dining table set (waiting for the corner sofa) at the moment but I have to say the quality is excellent. I am pleased to inform you all that they have currently reduced the price for the set shown in the picture above to £399.99 which is £90.00 less than what I paid – typical.

To finish it off we have purchased two stainless steel patio heaters from mano mano and a fire pit from vonhaus. The planters and Buddha are from a local garden centre.

I have copied the links below for ease:



Mirror Mirror on the wall…………….

blog 7

I get asked so many times where I got these bevelled mirror tiles from. I can confirm they are from My Furniture who is one of my favourite online furniture stores. Their prices and quality are amazing and I have never been disappointed.

The idea of the mirror wall originally came from a well known interior designer sal Oconnor also known as Hesellic Design. I was originally going to do this feature wall in my entrance hallway but decided against it after falling in love with the square mirror (x3) I purchased from Dunelm. so I decided to do it on the upper landing as a feature and to bounce the light around.

To create this look  took 6 boxes which consist of 6, 30cm x 30cm square tiles. My husband put the tile up which was a slow process. We found that the first row of tiles could not take the weight of the tiles above. Therefore, i would recommend you do the first row then allow to dry and then repeat the process until you get the desired look. MyFurniture recommended we use silicon to stick the tiles to the wall. We also used nails to support the weight of the tiles whilst they dried to prevent them from moving. Do not be surprised if you find the tiles are not completely flush. We had our whole house plastered and we still found one or two was sticking out slight however, unless you go right up and observe the tiles you do not notice it.

If you would like to recreate this look please see link below.


Kitchen done

 Cleaning Product used & tips on cleaning porcelain floors.

I get asked so many times what I use to clean my kitchen cupboards. I have always loved the look of high gloss but like most was concerned about finger prints and smears. I absolutely love contemporary living and so needed to find a solution being that I have a toddler and I wasn’t prepared to compromise. I have tried so many different products like washing up liquid, surface spray and even dilated bleach none of which worked. I took to the internet to find a product that would provide all the answers to my prays. I managed to find a product called Unika – this product was specifically designed to be used on high gloss surfaces – it was reasonably priced and came with a micro fibre cloth.  I can safely say this is the best surface cleaner I have ever used. It is smear free and because you use a micro fibre cloth you don’t get any scratches on the surface. It actually lasts a long time too and is great value for money. I usually get mine from Ebay because you usually save when you buy more than one spray (link below). Unika sell an aerosol and a spray  version. I have tried both and find the aerosol version to be the best – the other does smear!!!

My top tip is not to use fabric soften when you clean the mico fibre cloth. Fabric softener believe it or not stays within the fabric so when it is damp or wet the residue causes smears. This will also apply to any window cleaning cloths or glass cloths you may have and even your steam mop pad.

The second question I get asked a lot is how I keep my porcelain floors so clean and shiny. Firstly, we do not wear shoes in our house. Secondly we usually wear slippers or socks because the sweat from your feet (particularly in the summer) actually cause smears which drives me mad. I have to say I do hoover every single day and I use the Vax steam mop (link below). I believe water is the best thing for porcelain tiles. I have used cleaning products and found they all leave smears. A steam mop is perfect because the steam kills the bacteria on the floor as well as removing marks and dried spillages and is smear free. I usually steam mop 3 times a week and I have to say on the whole my floors are smear free and shiny.  When I finish with my mop pad I usually hand wash and rinse using boiling hot water because fabric softener although smells lovely causes the dreaded smears.

Dressing a side table and/or console table.

Console tableconsole 3

I get asked quiet a lot how to dress a side table and/or console table. To be perfectly honest this was something I struggled with at the start. I always used to think you had to have something at each end and in the middle and that it has to be the same height. Well…. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I think they key to making a side table/console table look pretty awesome is the use of different heights. This can be achieved in so many ways as illustrated in my photo above. The use of interior/fashion books is a great way to achieve this with the smaller items such as candles, diffusers, corals etc. It also can add well needed colour or can just simply turn a simple item such as coral into something more exciting and intriguing. In addition, I would always recommend putting something above the table such as a mirror, decal or collage of photos which is a great way to create a statement/feature.. If however you decide to have more than 5 items on your table I would suggest toning down what you hang above. For example, if you have a collage of photos above your console table, only have a few items on the table because it can end up looking cluttered and will take away from the beautiful collage you have put together. It really is true that sometimes less is more. I think as well using vases with some artificial flowers can look really lovely and again inject some well needed colour. I think for me the best place for artificial flowers is the range and dunelm. They look amazing and are great value for money. The best place to go for nick nacks to put on your console/side table is Kelly Hoopen, The Range, Zara Home, Next, Dunelm & Ikea. It doesn’t have to cost a lot to look amazing.

In addition, don’t be afraid to try something different or put different items together when you are shopping. It can end up costing you a lot less and its actually quiet satisfying. For example. the orchid arrangement I have in my hallway was put together by me. I wanted a really elegant statement piece and I have to say I am a sucker when it comes to orchids. However, I am a nightmare for keeping them a live and therefore wanted it to be artificial. If you want a statement piece you are looking at well over £100 which I didn’t want to pay. So when I went to the range I tried different plates and trays and ended up with what I believe to be an even better statement piece then one that has already been arranged by the supplier and what is even better is that it cost a fraction of the price.

Remember the key to a fabulous side table/console table is the use of different heights.

Thanks for reading.

Living Room

Living room new

I have to say this is this probably one of my favourite room in the house. It is simple, stylish and contemporary all of my wallpaper-sales.jpg sssfavourite things. I am in two minds at the moment about whether to paper the back wall. I wanted to paper it when we first did the living room around 1 year ago. However at the time we had blood red sofas. Not usually my first choice in colour however, they were £5,000 sofa’s reduced to £2,500 because someone had changed their minds and therefore the store needed rid ASAP!! I did purchase a number of wallpaper samples at the time but it was really difficult to find a paper that complimented the red. The paper I am looking to purchase now that we have changed our sofa is the beaded silver Harlequin paper. I just love its striking oriental design and when the light hits the micro beads you get this amazing shine which highlights the beautiful detail on the paper.

TV Unit

Anyways, I get asked a lot where the TV unit is from – its from the amazing Wayfair however they no longer sell it but I have found an alternative supplier for you which actually has the LED lighting included (link below).

I absolutely love entertainment walls and we were originally going to built one ourselves, which would have incorporated a fire unit however, when we calculated the cost of materials etc. we decided against it. It was more cost effective to buy one already made. I instantly went to Wayfair –  they are a one stop shop, catering for all your needs and I find their prices to be reasonable too.


The oak furniture we have in our living room is also from Wayfair and 4living (link below).*Shopping&utm_term=1102300492184&utm_content=Ad%20group%20%231

I don’t usually like oak furniture  because I find the colour is usually orangey and the furniture usually has a shine to it. However, the Kielder Hudson range is more of a white oak in colour with no shine. I I think as well at the time I wanted to inject where I could some well needed colour. This range can be used in the living room, dining room and bedroom. It is a little pricey bit I really do feel the overall quality justifies the price tag.

breakfast bar Chandelier

Well… I think the light speaks for itself, it really is a show stopper and a statement piece. I absolutel9B724E35-2AFB-47E7-A45C-B63DEAA7142E-2y loved the chandelier I had in my kitchen before but due to the size of my breakfast bar I didn’t really feel like you got the WOW factor. I wanted something that was glass to reflect the natural light which glass is good at doing, you get the same effect that you get from a crystal, its amazing. I have always loved light fittings from the likes of Laura Ashley, Next, John Lewis, Made and many more but A) I wanted something different and B) couldn’t find anything that took my breath away from my usual ‘go to’ shops. I initially cam across lighting uk when I was searching for a light fitting for my bedroom which they stock. I thought I might as well have a look at their chandeliers. I think the first thing that I loved about this new light fitting was the size – its massive (they do have a smaller option) the overall design but most importantly the price. honestly if you could see this light fitting in real life you would honestly think it was RRP £1000. I have been able to team up with the amazing lighting uk who have offered me a 10% discount code by entering HEATHER10 (hurry this offer ends 30.09.18) across the whole Colorado range – visit:

The Paige table Lamps  from Paggazi Lighting 


When searching for the perfect table lamps to go in my hallway upstairs, I wanted a table lamp that was versatile. I am forever moving furniture around in my house and therefore wanted a neutral shade. The Paige light ticked all the boxes, it was a light that I could use in multiple places, was striking and most of all a real statement but subtle at the same time. The overall table lamp is amazing from the chrome base to the metallic silver lining within the light shade. I would def recommend this lamp which can be used in all interiors from shabby chic to contemporary, two very different styles but that is what is so great about the Paige table light its versatility. Go check them out

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